The exclusive owner of your information is you and nobody else.
You deserve better

Did you know that most cloud-based storage systems have the right to use your data?

Check those Terms of Service agreements. They can allow for a shocking amount of privacy-breaching. Unlike other cloud-based services, LegacyVault does not have the right to use, distribute or modify your data. We guarantee privacy and security of our users’ data.

This versatile tool has everything you need to effortlessly manage your documents, photos, videos, finances, calendar, and contacts.
Your security and privacy are our highest priorities.
Secure Data Centers

Our data centers meet the highest level of data security standards as determined by the PCI Security Standards Counsel, a financial industry compliance group designed to protect sensitive information for financial centers and customers.
Government-Level Encryption

We utilize the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bits symmetric-key algorithm used by the US Government and leading global financial institutions.
Two-Step Verification

LegacyVault accounts are protected by a two-step verification process, which ensures that nobody but you and those you designate can access your account.