For your digital life now and for your legacy later

Legacy Management Platform

LegacyVault streamlines and secures your current digital life — manage your calendar, store photographed memories, and keep track of important documents.

But it’s also a platform to manage legacy documents — your will, power of attorney, significant financial information and anything your trusted appointee will need access to.

Step 1 - Planner


Your personal cloud-based filing cabinet. You can easily enter and store important contacts, documents, and dates to keep them safe wherever you go.


Store, organize, view, and selectively share all of your pictures, videos, and documents, while never leaving the security of our military-grade encryption.

Step 2 - Memories

Step 3 - Journey


Journey helps you keep up with your busy schedule by consolidating your contacts, calendar, and reminders.

Affairs Management

In the earliest stages of our company, we designed a proprietary logics system that grew and took shape as we refined and improved the site. Our state of the art platform helps users easily share their memories, important documents, and last wishes with their Trustees, when the time comes.

Step 4 - Activator
Activator 01

A person that you authorize to activate your account in the event that something happens to you.

Step 4 - Safety Delay
Safety Delay 02

The activation system allows you to set a safety delay that protects your information from accidental release.

Step 4 - Trustees
Trustees 03

After the activation process has been initiated and the safety delay has been met, the Trustees that you have specified will receive access to your account.