Your secure cloud-based storage for now, your digital safety deposit box for later

Do you need a LegacyVault?

When it comes to your personal documents and the things you store digitally, do you worry about security?
Have you ever lost or misplaced a document, important photo, or contact information?
Do you have financial or legal information you want to be sure a loved one can find?

LegacyVault can help.

It's all in the name

LegacyVault uses military-grade encryption for secure storage of all the important things you upload to your Vault. It's so secure, in fact, that even we can't see it.


What can you store in your Vault?

Use your Vault now for safe and secure storage of financial information, legal documents, photos, videos, recipes — if you have it stored online somewhere, on your computer or even your phone, you can easily upload it and safely store it on LegacyVault.
You live in a digital world and have a lot of information to keep track of on a daily basis. Let your Vault be the place you easily consolidate and secure your data — for today and tomorrow.


Store and organize legal, financial, and personal information.


You control who has access to your media.


Identify, collect, and preserve essential information in one secure location.


View transactions and summaries for bank accounts, credit cards, and loans.


Collect the images and videos that define your legacy.

Media Vault

Central storage for photos, videos, music, and documents.

Selective Sharing

You control what, when, and with whom you share.

Account Activation

A time released safe guard for your information.


Stay on top of your busy schedule.


Keep track of your schedule and receive reminders of key dates and events.


Save time by having all of your contacts in one convenient place.

Peace of mind for all life brings your way